Diabetes is a disease that affects the body in many ways. It can compromise the kidneys, eyes, nerves, heart as well as the mouth. The most common oral implication associated with diabetes is gum disease. If not treated it can lead to tooth loss. Other oral problems caused by diabetes are xerostomia (dry mouth), oral fungal infection (better know as thrush), and poor healing. Which, in turn, can cause additional problems for denture wearers.

Keeping your mouth healthy with diabetes

🦷 Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day

🦷 Keep dentures and partials clean by cleaning them after each meal

🦷 Do not smoke; smoking causes gum disease, dry mouth, and poor healing

🦷 If you have dry mouth , drink more fluids, you could also try chewing sugar free gum to help increase saliva flow

🦷 Speak to your denturist about alternative treatments for dry mouth

🦷 Because an untreated sore spot can lead to further complications such as infections, it is important to get sore spots check and adjusted immediately by your denturist.