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A removable partial is made to replace one or more missing teeth and is customized to a person's specific requirements. 


The number of remaining teeth, the position, and the stability of the remaining teeth are a few of the factors that help determine what type and/or design of partial denture is required. 


Partials can be made of different materials. The most common include; acrylic, metal-acrylic combination, or flexible thermoplastic.


🦷 Acrylic Partial

  An acrylic partial is usually made for a temporary approach but can be made for long-term use as well depending on a person's circumstances.

    ✓ Flipper is an acrylic partial replacing one tooth.


🦷 Metal-acrylic or Cast Partial

  A metal-acrylic or cast partial is a more rigid and stable type of partial. It is made with highly compatible chrome cobalt alloys or titanium and the teeth are made with acrylic or composite teeth. These cast partials offer a thin, light and very strong prosthetic and allow for several different designs to best suit your requirements.


🦷 Flexible Partial

  A flexible thermoplastic partial can be used as an alternative to cast or acrylic partials. Although they provide difficult to repair, they are great options for someone allergic to metal or acrylics.


🦷 Partial-on-Implants

  A partial denture can also be made to fit onto attachments or implants giving you an excellent fitting partial minimizing the number of clasps necessary around your natural teeth. 


✓ Partial dentures should always be properly fitted. A partial denture can prevent your natural teeth from shifting or drifting into the space left by missing teeth. In fact, a partial denture can help maintain the position of your natural teeth by providing them with additional support.


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