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A complete denture or a full denture is a removable dental appliance for patients missing all their teeth and replacing them to eat, talk, and smile confidently. 


We offer:

🦷 Standard Complete Dentures

🦷 Precision Complete Dentures

🦷 Suction Effective Complete Dentures


  We are also equipped and trained in digitally designed dentures along with the conventional methods of denture making, giving you as many options as possible for the most successful outcome.


A thorough exam is done at your consultation appointment to determine what type of denture is best suited for you. 


Standard Dentures:

βœ“ Our standard dentures come with acrylic/plastic teeth and a standard fit. This type of denture is a cost-effective option.

βœ“ Standard dentures may fit comfortably and be able to chew.

βœ“ Some patients who have flat gums, unusual bites, and/or over closed may require precision techniques and materials to have a successful outcome. 


Precision Dentures:

βœ“ Our precision dentures come with stronger teeth and a better fit. 

βœ“ The denture teeth we use in precision dentures are made up of composite, making them long-lasting and wearing less quickly.

βœ“ We take extra steps/techniques and use additional materials to get a precise and detailed impression with the inclusion of digital dentistry.

βœ“ Precision dentures are in conjunction with implants, and suction-effective lower dentures.



Digital Dentures:

 We are proud to offer digital dentures as we spent our time in training to perfect digitally designed dentures. CAD/CAM involves artificial intelligence, however, in our opinion, knowledge, and skills of traditional denture fabrication are important to get an in-depth understanding of digitally designed dentures to produce well-functioning dentures.


These techniques and procedures can be included in precision dentures.

🦷 Intraoral scanner:

  We use an intraoral scanner for faster, easier, and less hassle impression taking. The intraoral scanner will produce a digital copy of the patient's upper and lower jaw, as well as the normal bite of the patient. 

  Taking this route provides us with a precise mould of the patient’s gums, teeth, and bite, without the goopy impression material.


🦷 3D printer:

  We have a 3D printer to provide you with a functional prototype for the most realistic fit and feel when trying on your dentures.



Suction-Effective Lower Complete Dentures:

  A suction denture or suction-effective lower denture is a licensed technique. We have the specialized training needed to offer suction-effective lower dentures.

  With specific impression-taking techniques and materials, we utilize your gums and tissues to create the seal needed to achieve a stable lower denture. 

βœ“ The suction-effective dentures are offered only with precision dentures. 


βœ“ Book a consultation if you are a candidate for suction dentures.


Let us help you improve your smile

With a thorough assessment, we can give you treatment options that are best for you.

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