Webp.net resizeimage 3  An immediate denture is a denture that is fabricated by taking impressions/intra-oral scan before your natural teeth are extracted and is inserted immediately after the extractions. 



🦷 To avoid the situation of being without your teeth while your gums are healing

🦷 Helps protect the extraction sites

🦷 Helps to maintain proper bite placement

🦷 Acts like a band-aid to protect the gums when eating



  It is important to follow the postoperative instructions very carefully to aid in a proper healing process. As healing occurs, the oral tissues will shrink, and you may require a few adjustments from one of our denturists. During the next few months, the bone and the gum tissue will shrink at a fast rate. Adjustments during the healing process are normal and to be expected. As your gums heal they change and the denture can get loose and will need to be refitted periodically. After the healing process is complete your dentures will be relined, or we will start the fabrication of your new dentures.



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