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    We believe in a comfortable, pleasant environment with exceptional service providing personal high-quality products.

    DD&I proudly offers a modernized approach to denture fabrication with digital impression taking, and digitally designed dentures, along with traditional denture fabrications.

denture-servicesDenture Services
dentures on implantsDentures on Implants
denture servicesDigital Dentures

Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional services and high quality products with our up-to-date techniques and the use of advanced technologies. 


We use an intraoral scanner for more accurate and less hassle impression taking. The scanner scans the patient’s teeth and gums producing a digital copy, eliminating messy impression taking. 


On top of our traditional dentures, we offer digitally designed dentures, giving us an advantage to provide accurate, high quality and personalized products.


Our office has a dental laboratory consisting of skilled dental technicians. Having a dental laboratory and equipment to digital dentures gives us advantages to provide patients products with a personal touch. 


Our denturists and dental technicians are skilled and trained in traditional denture fabrication, which is a strong foundation to designing dentures digitally. 

We offer denture services such as, complete dentures, partial dentures, dentures on implants and immediate dentures. We also offer relines, same day repairs, gingival toning, denture teeth staining and tooth whitening. 


As denturism  continues to grow, we make sure we are up-to-date by attending seminars and courses on a regular basis. We continue to learn on a regular basis to provide you with the newest techniques and high quality products made.

Webp.net resizeimage 3To provide more convenience and efficiency, we have an in-house dental laboratory. 


A dental laboratory is attached to our office consisting of skilled and trained dental technicians. 


Great communication between clinicians and laboratory technicians is crucial to having a successful dental prosthesis. Clinicians can be able to monitor laboratory procedures making sure things are done right.


Having a lab in the office, we get things done faster. We are in control. No waiting time for lab work to get delivered to our office, making it possible to have same-day denture repairs and be able to see more patients.


✓ Quality control = eliminating mistakes and errors, precise results

✓ Economical = saving money

✓ Efficiency = speed and convenience

✓ Great collaboration between denturists and technicians


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