Nicole &Team,

Just to let you know I am very happy with my new dentures.


Sept 12/2016 was my first visit with you and you asked me if I had any stomach problems.  My old dentures were not aligned and was not chewing my food properly.  You told me I would feel alot better once I got my new dentures.


I have been taking pills for over 10 years for heartburn and acid reflex.  I was still having so many sleepless nights and  because of this I had to sleep sitting up, could not lay down.  Was also taking zantac to help me late at night.  Had to take zantac almost every night.  I am happy to say that since Nov 2016 I have had no heart burn no problem with acid reflex. Had no need to get zantac in the middle of the night  All this is just unbelievable for me.  All foods  that I could not eat before my new dentures, well I’ve tried them all and still no heart burn or any problems with acid reflex.  So thank yo so much


- Claudette J.